The Mikkeli Centre of Photography has an educational programme, with special emphasis on children and youth. The Centre organises the Cultural Path
in media education for the schools, courses, art camps, guided tours, workshops and events. The educational programme of the centre has attracted people of all ages to learn more about photography and visual arts.

Media education annually: Cultural Path

The Cultural Path is a separate project in media education. It is conducted in order to support the learning of how media works from the perspective of professionals. It aims to educate the pupils to understand and evaluate different aspects of photography and visual communication. The Cultural Path is conducted together with the City of Mikkeli.

The content of the Cultural Path is designed to suit the educational curriculum of the schools. The Cultural Path concists of an introduction to the projects of Mikkeli Centre of Photography and a workshop in visual literacy.
Visual literacy means the process of analyzing and creating visual messages, especially those close to the every day life of the youth.

The Cultural Path is conducted annually, usually in January. The participants are all the pupils that study on the 8th grade in the schools of Mikkeli. The amount of participating pupils is over 500. The visit and the workshop lasts for one hour. The Cultural Path will be organized as video streams in 2022.